Monday, April 7, 2014

Mold Inspection & Mold Removal San Francisco, California

Mold Removal in San Francisco, California.
At Dryfast we offer Free Mold Inspection & Mold Removal estimate.
415-861-8003 Please call today to schedule Free Detailed Inspection of your house for Black Mold in San Francisco.

Why you should choose us?
Here is the top 5 Reasons

1. We licensed General building contractor, (we understand how properties are built )
license# 959870.
2. We carry general liability insurance, workers compensation and environmental pollution insurance policies. (1 out of 20 carries all 3) and that's so important for you thw property owners.! Means less liability for you !
3. Been in business successfully for over 13 years.
4. We actually have physical location!  Not just virtual office. ..
5. We have the lowest prices in San Francisco.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Water damage in San Francisco, California

Hello everyone, we just went
through another storm here in San Francisco, California,
We have received Water Damage Restoration calls fromm all over the Bay Area, but mostly San Francisco and San Jose, California.
415-861-8003, 24 hours emergency response line.
Call day or night.

No additional after hours fee!

1. We have Free moisture inspection and detection service.
2. Free estimates.
3. No money up front!
4. We are handling insurance claims.
5. We bill insurance companies directly.

Our services in San Francisco and San Jose, California

1. Water damage,
2. Water damage restoration.
a) crawlspace clean up.
b) water extraction.
c) structural drying.
3. Mold removal.
4. Mold inspection.
5. Mold remediation.
6. Fire damage.
7. Smoke damage,
8. Board up.
9. Full service construction.
10. Pack out and storage.

Serving San Francisco, California and the entire Bay Area.

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