Monday, July 27, 2015

Everything for Water Damage Restoration San Francisco

You can easily handle any water damage problems at your property in San Francisco with a quick phone call. With the help of our full-service water damage restoration in San Francisco your home or office will soon be back to normal. Talk to our helpful customer care staff as soon as possible and explain what's the situation as it will only get worse if you don't take immediate action.

Our Service Comes With Many Advantages,

Pick a day and time that suit you best for a visit by a water damage restoration expert. Once on site he will assess the situation, then provide you with a comprehensive report that includes repair costs. Keep in mind this visit is absolutely FREE. Also, in case you have insurance against water damage, you can use our quote to claim it. We can even contact your insurance provider and handle this matter for you. With San Francisco Water Damage you get:

Customer care service available 24/7;A range of flexible booking options;Free water damage assessment and repair costs report; A team of experienced technicians; Modern water damage repair methods; Keep Calm, We Can Fix It! – Here's What We Offer You

Note that no repair procedures can take place until the affected areas are 100% free of moisture. In case your property is still humid, then we can supply you with high-performance sets of Dehumidifiers and Air-movers. This way we will get rid of the moisture much faster. After a certain period of time one of our technicians will come back to examine your property again. In case the moisture is gone, then we can begin the actual restoration work.

For easy reference, we can provide you with the following repair procedures in San Francisco :

1. Supply and install professional sets of Dehumidifiers and Air-movers

5. Bathroom renovation.                                                                
Floor replacement :Replace/repair sub-floors, Replace carpets, Replace vinyl flooring, Replace wooden flooring, Replace tiled, marble floorings. Electrical works Checking, Inspection, Certification Minor repair works Complete rewiring . Wall repair: repair affected plaster or drywall Re-plaster Re-paint Apply wallpapering. Plumbing works, Minor repair works, New plumbing system, New heating system, Gas related plumbing works. Ceiling replacement or repair after water damage ,old lath and plaster ceiling to new plasterboard ceiling Replace entirely/patch up plasterboard ceiling, affected plaster refinishing, Re-plaster Re-paint Apply wallpapering. Kitchen Remodeling after water damage.
WE COVER all of San Francisco.

and the Bay area  of San Francisco.


Recommend to the policyholder on what they can do to help reduce spreading water damage:

Water damages requires immediate attention to minimize further losses. In case a water damage occurs in your house or property try to locate the problem before the arrival of water damage specialists; Remove as much water as possible by mopping the area or using a wet vacuum; Remove any artwork and paintings from the walls if affected by the flood; Place plastic or aluminium foil under any furniture legs that are not plastic to prevent discolouration or bleeding of you carpet or wooden floor affect from the water damage;Windows to be opened if the weather is dry;


San Francisco water damage restoration company.
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Damage Restoration Company, Santa Rosa, California

Taking immediate action and call today, we are insurance approved in Santa Rosa, California. 

Unfortunately there is almost nothing consumers can do themselves to fix the problem whenever there is a water loss such as a flooded basement or leaking roof. Only water damage restoration companies have the proper equipment, knowledge and experience to properly mitigate, restore and clean areas effected by water.

Locate and if possible fix or stop the water at the source in Santa Rosa, California 

It may have been a busted pipe, broken window, leaking faucet or and over flowed toilet that flooded your basement. As you can see water can come from many sources. Try and find the water source. This may require a plumber, or a roofer. We are plumbers that are on call 24/7 that can come fix a busted pipe. Most restoration companies do not do this type of service. But, with The A Team we are able to take care of everything. As The A Team we will be able to fix the source of the problem, handle water extraction, plus take care of the build back of your home.

Santa Rosa, California 

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Emergency Response Company, Water Damage San Francisco

Water Damage Restoration San Francisco,  We take care of the difficult water  damage by restoring your property to its original condition, no job is too big or small, Serving San Francisco and the entire Bay Area. 

We are Water Damage Restoration Company, based in San Francisco, Approved & Recommended by Major Insurance Companies, Loss Adjusters, Management Companies, and city officials. We are licensed and insured  License # 959870.  We are Experienced General Contractors specialised in Water and Mold Damage Restoration and Repair. Our trained and qualified trade professionals provide professional water  damage restoration service in San Francisco, California.

Services covered by our emergency Water Damage Restoration Team in San Francisco:

Moisture monitoring and damage assessment, Clearance testing and certification, Structural Damage Repair, Building Repair after Mold and Water Damage. Structural drying and Humidity control, Flood Damage, Waterproofing  repair strategies, Water Damage prevention, 24/7 Free Water Damage inspection and assessment, Water Damage Mitigation, Water  damage restoration Mold Remediation, Flood restoration and Toilet back up.

We have a dedicated team of Water Damage Estimators who are qualified in providing comprehensive and accurate estimates for Water Damage Mitigation and repair cost.

Our field professionals will inspect the property utilizing thermal cameras and moisture meters, Water Damage Claims are handled  by using Xactimate Water Damaged estimating software that provides accurate detailed Specifications and Estimates. We attach photographs of the property and damaged area to the insurance water damage estimate.

Our Water Damage System in San Francisco.

No downtime during the Water Damage project!

Call Dryfast Water Damage and Property Repair at 415-861-8003 Our dedicated Office personnel will answer the phone 24/7. We will schedule a water damage inspecrion, Our Water Damage Estimator will inspect your property free of charge, Prepare effective scope of work  & submit this direct to your insurance company  Property Repair Claims Manager will meet with a loss adjuster, explain the process and agree on the work, When paperwork is signed,  Dryfast Water Damage  Repair will complete the project to your complete satisfaction. Dryfast of San Francisco is a proud member of IICRC,  and we are EPA Certified.
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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Water Damage Company San Francisco

If you are looking for a Water Damage Company in San Francisco, you should check the following :

1. License!  If the Water Damage Restoration Company is Licensed!  Check with the contractor's license board,
Make sure the name of the Water Damage Restoration Company matches the License number Name!.

2. General Liability insurance.
It should carry Pollution Liability coverage in order the company to be able to perform Water Damage Restoration work.
Just think if anything goes wrong or Mold starts to Grow,  that is the only policy that will cover the damage.

3. Check references,  and reputation status. Years in business.

San Francisco residents can rely on Dryfast Property Restoration Services when in need.  We also work with insurance companies on daily basis.
We understand insurance criteria and process.
We offer the following Water Damage Restoration Services :

1. Water Extraction.
2. Water Pumping .
3. Water Damage Inspection and Report.
4. Water Damage Repair.
Serving San Francisco since 2001.

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

El Niño hitting the Pacific, San Francisco

The strongest El Niño on record may be brewing in the Pacific

Sea surface temperature anomalies showing the telltale sign of an El Nino in the tropical Pacific.



El Niño conditions are intensifying in the tropical Pacific Ocean, potentially leading to a record event that would help control rainfall in East Africa and possibly bring desperately needed drought relief to California, while temporarily cutting off rainfall to parts of the Indonesian rainforest.

A record strong event would also virtually guarantee that 2015 will beat 2014 as the warmest year this planet has seen since records began in the late 19th century.

In recent weeks, the water temperatures have grown warmer, propelled by a reversal of seasonal trade winds and the sloshing of mild ocean waters from west to east across the Pacific.

SEE ALSO: 2015 is likely to beat 2014 as the warmest year on record

The atmosphere has shown telltale signs of positive feedback that are reinforcing the El Niño, including the formation of several tropical cyclones spinning in the central and northwestern Pacific Basins.

Taking these observations into account, a new forecast released Thursday by the Climate Prediction Center (CPC) in Maryland calls for a strong El Niño event to occur between now and the coming northern hemisphere winter, which is when El Niño conditions tend to peak, as well as when they have their greatest influence on global weather patterns.

Sea surface temperature anomalies, showing the milder ocean waters near the equator with time.


According to a more detailed forecast from the CPC and the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) at Columbia University, there is a 96% chance of continued El Niño conditions from September through November, with a 94% chance of such conditions lasting through January.

The CPC outlook can be viewed as conservative when it comes to the predicted intensity of the El Niño event, considering that many individual El Niño experts, armchair meteorologists on Twitter, and computer models are predicting a potentially record strong event, exceeding the previous record-holder of 1997-98. El Niño data extends back to 1870.

However, Michelle L'Heureux, a climate forecaster at CPC, told Mashable that the hype surrounding the potentially unprecedented intensity of the El Niño may be just that, hype.

"Even one or two westerly wind bursts does not necessarily always "make" an El Niño," she wrote in an email.

"Last year is a perfect example of that... a few westerly wind bursts in early 2014 and then they died out. It is the series of westerly wind bursts (or cumulative average over many months) that we forecasters pay attention to," she added.

In a blog post, L'Heureux wrote that focusing on weekly average sea surface temperatures can be distracting, and is largely meaningless. Right now, the weekly sea surface temperature departures from average are comparable to the record 1997-98 El Niño, she wrote.

"While a short-term (daily or weekly) number might be striking, it shouldn’t be used as an indicator of El Niño strength unless it is carefully placed into a larger context," she continued.

Conscious coupling between the air and ocean

In order for El Niño events to occur and strengthen, an intricate dance must take place between the ocean and atmosphere, and some aspects of these interactions are not well understood.

So far this spring and summer, however, the atmosphere has been reinforcing the ocean conditions, and vice versa, with a temporary reversal of the east-to-west trade winds observed near the equator, because of a phenomenon known as a westerly wind burst.

Such wind bursts are crucial to creating and reinforcing strong El Niño events, since they drive pulses of mild sea surface temperatures eastward toward South America, according torecent research.

The strength of an ongoing wind burst, may be a sign of a particularly strong event to come.

"Right now we slightly favor a strong El Niño because we are seeing more bursts and we are further along in the year," L'Heureux wrote in her blog post. "This causes us to be more confident in the staying power of this El Niño."

The bottom line: To get a significant El Niño event going (and keep it going), the atmosphere and ocean need to communicate like a healthy couple does — one in which one listens and responds to the other while bringing something new to the table.

There is a reason why meteorologists refer to the process of creating and maintaining an El Niño as reliant on "coupling" between the ocean and the atmosphere.

Why you need to pay attention to El Niño

There are two main reasons why El Niño is a big deal — including its intensity.

First and foremost, the climate cycle is the most consequential natural climate phenomenon on the time scale of individual seasons to a couple of years, since it has ripple effects in areas far removed from the tropical Pacific.

El Niño events typically occur once every three to seven years, and predicting them in advance can protect lives as well as save businesses and governments money.

Second, El Niño events usually boost global average surface temperatures, elevating the probability that a particular year will set a record for the warmest year. So far, 2015 has been running hotter than 2014 did, and last year was the warmest year recorded since reliable instrumental records began in the late 19th century.

An intense El Niño would virtually assure that 2015 will break last year's record, since it acts as an added factor on top of long-term, manmade global warming.

Typical El Nino winter weather pattern.


From Australia to California, El Niño brings alters weather extremes

Typically, El Niño events tend to shift rainfall away from northeastern Australia, with unusually dry conditions spreading south to encompass much of the Queensland coastline.

In the past, strong El Niño events, including one in 1982-83 and another in 1997-98, were accompanied by major droughts in parts of Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, although drought can also occur there in the absence of El Niño.

A major drought has been ongoing in Java, for example, even though conditions during the past year were only defined as resembling El Niño, without satisfying the formal scientific criteria.

Drier than average conditions are also likely to occur in Indonesia, according to IRI forecasts. Rainfall patterns that are crucial to agricultural production can also shift in eastern Africa as a result of El Niño and Indian Ocean temperatures.

In the U.S., El Niño usually exerts most of its influence during the fall and winter, with increased precipitation along the West Coast in particular. This would be good news for drought-plagued California and other Western states, but a wetter than average winter is far from certain at this point.

One likely connection to El Niño that is already manifesting itself is a below average Atlantic hurricane season, since El Niño events tend to increase upper level winds across the tropical North Atlantic, tearing nascent storms apart before they can intensify.

At the same time, El Niño conditions can favor more tropical cyclones in the eastern and central Pacific Ocean. Currently, there are three tropical cyclones spinning their way toward China and Japan, one storm moving toward Hawaii, and two new storms predicted to develop in coming days off the west coast of Mexico.

L'Heureux says that El Niño alters the air circulation over the globe, and increases the likelihood of certain weather conditions. "This can be a huge advantage to those who want to hedge bets or plan for certain outcomes. The fact that our probabilities are [greater than] 90% means that folks can start making those bets and preparing for potential impacts."

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Open during the Holiday, Responding to Water, Fire and Plumbing emergencies 24 / 7

We answer the phone 24-hour 7 days a week.  Emergency right on the Holiday?  No problem,  Dryfast is ready to respond, assess the damage and take all action to get you back to normal.
Serving San Francisco, Bay Area- California and Las Vegas, Nevada

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Flooded building in San Francisco
Today is very busy,  we have responded to 3 large water damage jobs, one is 3 story apartment building with 3 units water damaged.

We are still assessing the extent of
damage,  one was caused by Fire Damage , then the water due to the Firefighters efforts .
San Francisco is always busy and unpredictable. 

San Francisco residents can rely on Dryfast Property Restoration Services.  Always prompt and affordable,  we work with insurance companies closely,  direct insurance billing.

No job is to big or small for us, Serving San Francisco for over a decade.
Contact us today for a free no obligation consultation and estimate. We love San Francisco and we give our 100% to our customers.
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Another Water Damage Restoration project San Francisco.

Another busy day in San Francisco, Sunset district,
Dryfast responded to 3 story emergency water damage caused by burst water supply line in the bathroom on the 3rd floor.

Flooded brand new hardwood floor on all floors.
Water was running for approximately 24 hours.
House was under construction - major remodel,  just about the new homeowners to move in , and this unexpected water damage changed everything.  This water damage will delay the moving for another 2 months.
Water Damage San Francisco ,
we respond to water damage restoration calls 24/ 7, Serving all of San Francisco.
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