Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Recovery process after Water Damage Restoration Santa Rosa, California

Emergency response to water damage is just the beginning of a long restoration process.
Santa Rosa properties experience water damage over 50 times a month , this is the average combined water damage restoration calls.

Most people file insurance claims, some pay out of pocket and some do the water damage restoration work themselves.
The most important goal of restorative drying is to target the hiden moisture, trapped in walls and behind kitchen cabinets.
Removal of non-salvageable /damaged building materials.
Removal of laminate flooring,  baseboards,  wet carpet pad, wet drywall  and insulation material.
Water damage restoration equipment set up. Dehumidifiers remove moisture and humidity, pressurized air is easier to evaporate,  therefore drying occurs much faster.

Santa Rosa, California.

We work with property damage insurance companies in Santa Rosa.  Now for the last 12 years we have provided quality restoration to the entire Santa Rosa, California North Bay.
Our main focus is customer satisfaction and support!  One client at the time!
Our reputation in Santa Rosa is very important to us, we are customerservice oriented,  ensuring insurance water damage restoration claims are handled in a professional manner, following insurance water damage restoration standards and guidelines.
Dear Santa Rosa resident, you can count on us when disaster strikes!  We have 24/7 water damage restoration team that will get you back to normal as quick as possible!  We specialize in finding hidden moisture utilizing Thermal infrared cameras,  in the restoration industry,  especially when working with property insurance companies,  these moisture detection tools are critical and very beneficial,  helping find hidden moisture and preventing microbial growth  (mold).

Dryfast is licensed and insured General Contractors,  license #959870,
By choosing a legitimate water damage restoration company in Santa Rosa, California, you are supporting a local business,  that pays taxes, providing local employees ability to stay close to families and friends.

Thank you SantaRosa, California! God bless you all!

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Water damage at home, first thing you need to do.

Christmas time, the best time of the year, everyone is organizing, decorating and preparing holiday meals.

Expecting guests, but no one is expecting water damage to occur at their own home. 

Water damage in Santa Rosa, California can happen at any time,  we are usually very busy on the holidays since most companies are closed.
Dryfast Water Damage Restoration Company works on the holidays,  we have emergency crews that are ready to respond, 

Keep us in mind in case of emergency! 

24/7 Immediate assistance on all water damage related issues, Flood, rain, water damage from burst  pipes or underground water. 

Serving Santa Rosa and surrounding areas. 

Santa Rosa residents can rely on Dryfast Property Restoration Services when disaster strikes. 
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We are working closely with property managers and insurance agents,  ensuring quality of service.
Insurance claims are welcome, 
By checking your gutters and downspouts and drains,  you can minimize the chance of Water Damage Restoration, 

Happy Holidays to all of Santa Rosa,

Friday, December 18, 2015

El Niño is on its way San Francisco !

Hello again from Dryfast of San Francisco, the water damage restoration company that serves the entire city :)

Rain is up on us, and we have few professional water damage prevention tips for you, here we go:

1. Ensure that your gutters and drains are clean and draining fine!
2. Make sure all exterior cracks are sealed and painted!
3. And we all know that good roof is beter to have when rainfall comes to us.

That is all for today,  stay safe and dry during the rain,  you know we are here to help in case of emergency 24/7.

If you encounter water damage in San Francisco, contact us to help you, we document the entire process from start to finish,  being insurance approved vendor we understand the insurance claim process!
Dryfast responds to water damage emergencies caused by burst water supply lines, rain or sprinkler activations.

Reliable 24/7 Water Damage Restoration Company, Serving San Francisco since 2003.
Water damage restoration calls during the El Niño season are expected to be high number.
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Rain is up on us, Water Damage Prevention Tips Santa Rosa, California

Santa Rosa Water Damage Restoration Company.

Hello Santa Rosa,  we have prepared 3 water damage prevention tips for you, these tips can help you stay dry , without dealing with water damage restoration companies!

1. Our firs and most important advice is to check all of your drains and gutters, making sure that they do operate properly and can handle the amount of water they are rated for.
2. Number two, check your exterior and windows for cracks that can cause water intrusion,  water damage can cause mold, you don't want to get mold.
3. And number three,  the roof!  We all know how important is the roof,  bad roof means negligence in most cases,  spending money on your roof can actually save you money. You will not get water damage!

Thank you Santa Rosa!  We have been helping Santa Rosa residents with water damage restoration since 2003!

Water Damage Restoration Company serving  Santa Rosa for over a decade!
We handle Insurance claims in Santa Rosa for all insurance companies following their standards and guidelines.

Dryfast is insurance approved company,  Serving all of Santa Rosa, California. 

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