Saturday, December 20, 2014

Still under Emergency State, Rain Water Damage San Francisco

For more then two weeks now we are still working on a full 3 shifts,
Being able to respond to new and complete existing jobs truly 24/7 .

We understand the importance of getting our clients back to business in timely manner, reducing business interruption to minimum,  water damage, rain damage, roof damage, sewage backup no problem we are ready to help you 24 / 7.

In the last 2 weeks we have responded to commercial and residential properties that were flooded due to the San Francisco Bay area heavy rain.

Schools,  day cares, IT offices,  name brand retail stores, malls to single family homes. No job is too big or small!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Declaring state of emergency, Dryfast 415-861-8003 call 24/ 7

At Dryfast we have switched to state of emergency mode, 16 emergency service trucks are prepared to respond to those in need,

Water Damage, Rain Damage, Flood Damage, Wind Damage and Board up Service is available 24 hour a day!

* No money up front,
* Direct insurance billing,
* Large loss capacity,
* Fast Response Time,

if you are in a flood zone, contact us to be put on priority respond list by dialing 415-861-8003, response time could be as fast as 1 hour,

Serving all of San Francisco, Bay Area,
Contractor's license # 959870

Professional water damage restoration requires general contractor's license to perform the work, do not get stuck in the middle with your water damage claim with your insurance company for  not checking for contractor's license,

Hope you all stay dry fellas,
For additional information visit dryfast online
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Help Wanted. Drywall and Finishing carpenters Needed!

We are currently hiring the following positions:

1. Drywall installers, Finishing carpenters,  -2 positions available.
2. General labor -2 positions.

Send resume to

Valid California driver's license,
This position requires clean driving record,
Background check, ability to lift up to 50 pounds,

These positions are available now,

Positions are for our San Carlos, Ca Location,
Thank you,

Final Countdown prior the Storm in San Francisco!

Do you or your friends and relatives live in the Flood zone?

Let mw advice on how to protect your property from Rain Water Damage and Flood.

1. Check your gutters,  and get them cleaned.
2. Have your roof checked.
3. Get your drains cleared as well as the main sewer line.
4. Close your windows, (I know that everyone will do so, but we still getting calls for water damaged hardwood floors due to windows been left open, so this is just a reminder:)
5. Get sand bags to navigate water away
And number 6. Take down our phone number to call in case of emergency!  415-861-8003 we are open 24/7 rain or shine!

We had quite a few water damage restoration projects that were not associated with last rain,  burst fresh water supply lines,  kitchen sink left open... and washing machine malfunction. So as you can see the potential water damage sources can vary.

Take care and stay dry fellas,
The Dryfast Team!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Next rain storm in San Francisco on Wednesday!

San Francisco, Bay Area, next rain storm is expected in San Francisco on Wednesday, get prepared by clearing off debris from around the drains and gutters! 

Not much to do if the rain is heavy and consistent will affect the capacity of city sewer lines and may cause drain back ups.
Rain Water damage can be prevented by closing windows and doors tightly, check your roofs (have it professionally inspected, ) .

At the end of the day, we need the rain,  we are now catching up, slowly but surely, 

We at Dryfast are ready to help those in need, 24 hours a day,

Water damage claims are handled with direct insurance billing,

415-861-8003 call  our 24/7 command center to schedule free upfront estimate.

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

San Francisco and the rain we have been waiting for.

What a rainfall!  I simply cannot recall a rain storm like this in San Francisco for the past 10 years, we needed to catch up on water.

However rhe rain was so steady in San Francisco that clogged street sewer lines and resulted first floor drains to backup,
Causing water damage to commercial and residential properties,

Water damage, flood damage and rain damage emergencies were happening all over town,  Mission district,  Soma /South of Market/,  San Francisco downtown and other areas,

People needed water extraction, debris removal,  structural drying,  anti-microbial treatment,

Dryfast responded to many emergency water damage calls, all of them urgent!
Our crews were running around town to assess property damage and write proposals on the spot , eliminating or reducing down there to minimum.

We provide Free upfront estimates, our trucks are loaded with drying equipment, ready to respond 24/7.

General contractor's license# 959870

415-861-8003 call now for a free no obligation consultation and estimate.

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Rain and Flood Damage

Just wanted to share some recent water damage restoration pictures from San Francisco,
On the first picture one of our construction guys is applying texture to the wall that was previously affected by water damage, .
2nd picture we see some trailers and water damage equipped trucks, we got 2 uhaul trailers since with rain we have runned low on trucks (and we have quite a bit). Hope the rainy season is hre already in San Francisco! We need rain, a lots of rain,
On the 3rd picture we see a flooded crawlspace, (well now is all dry and back to order) the storm water caused some waterproofing problem,  that is already fixed,
#waterdamagerepair, #flooddamage, #sanfrancisco, #waterdamagerestoration
1500 Market street, San Francisco, California

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Emergency water damage restoration services San Francisco 94102

Emergency property water damage restoration is needed when unexpected pipe birst or clogged sewer line backs up into the property, causing damage to building materials, immediate assistance is recommended to minimize the damage,

Here at Dryfast of San Francisco,  we work around the clock 24/7, in fact we have 4 emergency ready trucks available at any given time of the day or night, available to travel to those in need,

Ones the phone call comes in, emergency water damage truck is dispatched within 5 minutes of the call, in most cases we are at customer's door in 45 minutes or less,

We understand the importance of immediate response when disaster strikes,

Being able to arrive on time, can prevent secondary damages, like humidity damage to artworks and cross contamination.

Dryfast - proven name in Water damage restoration in San Francisco,
General Contractor License #959870

Bringing chaos to order since 2003

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

24/7 Fire Damage and Board up Service San Jose, California

408-861-9491 Call 24/7, Emergency response available in San Jose, California.
Dryfast specializes in Fire damage restoration,  including:  board up, smoke removal, soot removal and cleaning, odor neutralizing,  hepa vacuuming,  roofing, and full scale carpentry,
We are Full service Fire Damage Contractors, 
- content manipulation,
- moving and long term storage,
- pack out,
- content cleaning,
- content assessment,
- content itemization,
- detailed fire loss documentation,
Serving San Jose, Milpitas, Santa Clara and all of South Bay,
1. Insurance claims are handled from start to finish, 
2. We do not hire temps from stuffing agency,  only full time employees.
3. Direct insurance billing.
4. No money up front on emergency services.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Santa Rosa, Napa, California Earthquake Damage

Professional property damage restoration in Santa Rosa and Napa, California.

Get expert assessment in Santa Rosa and Napa today, 800-980-8003

Responding to Water and Fire damage due to Earthquake   24/7

Direct insurance billing.
No money up front on emergency services,

Serving all of Santa Rosa and surrounding areas,

Our services:
Water damage restoration.
Fire and Smoke damage,
Mold Removal and Remediation.
Black Mold inspection,
Board up,

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

6.1 Magnitude Earthquake ! Received Over 80 Emergency calls!

With over 80 phone calls,  we continue to respond to structural property damages caused by the earthquake, including burst fresh water lines,

Free Assessment of loss, Direct insurance billing,
We are now fully mobilized and ready to assist.
800-604-4002, 24/7
Serving Napa, Santa Rosa and surrounding areas,

Get professional evaluation and assessment,
Call today,
Commercial and residential properties,  we handle all insurance claims. Serving Entire Northern California,

#earthquake, #napa, #santarosa, #waterdamagerepair, #flooddamage, #damagerestoration, #damagerepair, #earthquakedamagerepair,

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Water Damage Restoration San Jose

At Dryfast we provide effective Water Damage Restoration solutions that brings you back to normal faster. Serving San Jose,
24 hour immediate response.
One call One company,  That's the power of Dryfast,
Fully Licensed and insured,
General Contractor License# 959870.
In San Jose we provide the following services:
Water damage, water extraction, san jose,
Water damage restoration, water damage repair, flooded carpet restoration, flood damage repair,
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Monday, August 18, 2014

Restoring Peace of mind by returning back to business,

Responding to a water damage phone call in San Francisco in the middle of the day, initially we have dispatched 1 technician to assist, by the time he got there the toilets were backing up continuously and unstoppable,  this office space is located underneath the shopping center.
415-861-8003 24 hour service,

Sewage water flooded the entire office space plus 2 restaurants,
Minutes later 4 emergency teams were mobilized and on their way to the water damage in downtown San Francisco.

It took a lot of hours and manpower to remove all water damaged building materials soaked in sewage.

The Water Damage affected 14 offices, hallways, and storage rooms,

drywall was replaced,  new carpet installed,  all painted, new kitchen cabinets, in 5 days! 3000 sqft of space.

Water damage can happen unexpectedly at any time in San Francisco or any city at any time,

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Water and Mold Damage in San Francisco, Bay Area

What is the goal of restorative drying?
The goal is to dry the property on time !
24 hour immediate assistance

At Dryfast we specialize in structural drying, we focus especially on hidden trapped moisture! The one that actually can cause damage! -Mold Damage to be exact,

From detailed moisture, water damage inspection to positioning drying equipment and daily monitoring we make sure no moisture is left behind!
Then our full service construction division continues the project so you the client can get back to normal! 

In San Francisco we provide full service:
Water damage restoration,
Water pumping,
Water damage repair,
Moisture detection,
Structural drying,
Call today for no obligation consultation and estimate!
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Emergency water damage San Francisco 94102

Today's Water damage in San Francisco

We have responded to a water damage call in San Francisco at 2.30 am! Yes we are on our way to the water damage in San Francisco,
Arriving at 3.05 am (thats only 35 minutes response time!) We assessed the Water damage damage situation and here's what we had to do:
Water extraction,  set up drying equipment, move furniture and personal belongings away from the wet carpet  and leave the water damage equipment dry the house for 3 days,  we monitoring the moisture and equipment every day during the drying process.

We work with insurance companies,      commercial property owners,  homeowners, property management companies and renters,

No job is to big or small!
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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Water Damage in San Francisco, 94103

Today we have received 3 water damage restoration calls in San Francisco,
24/7 Emergency response line.
Free Estimates!

The most significant was 2 story residential house.

Fresh water supply line burst in the bathroom on the second floor causing water damage to the unit below,

We received this water damage call in San Francisco at 4.30pm ( during the game  USA - Portugal.  GO USA!

Well we had to go. We have set up drying equipment,  removed affected material,  and assessed all damages utilizing infrared camera and moisture meters,

The water damage was significant,
Now under control,  another hapi San Francisco homeowner!

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Water Damage Restoration by Dryfastof San Francisco

Dryfast of San Francisco provides quality Water Damage Inspection and Restoration,

We respond to water damage emergencies day or night, on weekends and holidays, 

Providing water extraction, water pumping, moisture detection, mold inspection, mold testing, mold removal, water damage restoration, water damage repair,

Always available in San Francisco, Bay Area,

No up front payment on water damage!
We bill insurance companies directly.

Im attaching few more pictures from a recent water damage jobs in San Francisco 6/14/14,
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Santa Rosa Water Damage Restoration and Repair Services

What a rainfall!  I simply cannot recall a rain storm like this in Santa Rosa for the past 10 years, we needed to catch up on water.
However the rain was so steady in Santa Rosa that clogged street sewer lines and resulted first floor drains to backup,
Causing water damage to commercial and residential properties,
Water damage, flood damage and rain damage emergencies were happening all over town, 
People needed water extraction, debris removal,  structural drying,  anti-microbial treatment,
Dryfast responded to many emergency water damage calls, all of them urgent!
Our crews were running around town to assess property damage and write proposals on the spot , eliminating or reducing down there to minimum.
We provide Free upfront estimates, our trucks are loaded with drying equipment, ready to respond 24/7.
General contractor's license# 959870
800-980-8003 call now for a free no obligation consultation and estimate.
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Monday, June 9, 2014

Water And Mold Damage Restoration service San Francisco

Today's Water Damage Restoration San Francisco.

Our 24/7 Emergency Water Damage Restoration service crew responded to 3 apartments flooded in San Francisco,

Faulty water supply line burst, causing significant water damage to all 3 apartments,
In the heart of San Francisco, Noe Valley,

Dryfast provided:
Water extraction, drying equipment set up, removal of affected building materials,

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

San Francisco's truly 24/7 Water Damage Restoration company!

Your Local San Francisco Water Damage Restoration Contractor
415-861-8003,  24/7
Serving the San Francisco residential single- and multi-family home, condominium, apartment building and commercial properties, Dryfast of San Francisco,  has over a decade outstanding performance in the Water and Fire Damage restoration being available 24/7 every day .

In the Community…

Dryfast is operated with integrity, honesty, and a commitment to truth and quality. Dryfast Water damage restoration  Serving the San Francisco, Bay Area: hard-working and fair. We respond to any job, large or small, within an hour!

Our services:
Water Damage Restoration, water damage repair, water damage. Mold removal, mold remediation, fire damage repairs, mold inspection, mold testing, mold removal, black mold, board up,
Sewer back ups, Rain and Wind damage,

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Dryfast the fresh start company providing Water Damage Restoration, Las Vegas, Nevada

What are you looking for when you have to choose Water Damage, Flood and Mold Remediation, Mold Removal, Mold Inspection company in Nort Las Vegas, Nevada? immediate response? Quality workmanship? A reputable company? A good price? Dryfast meet all of those standards and more.
702-727-4252 call 24/7
We work with all insurance companies in North Las Vegas, Nevada, 
Direct insurance billing!  No money out of pocket! 
Nevada Contractors License# 0077068
Our project managers work closely with homeowners,  property managers n city inspectors and insurance adjusters to provide exceptional service in timely manner.
Serving North Las Vegas, Nevada Since 2009!
What makes us stand out from the competition?  The level of communication,  field technicians, project managers, office personnel  are the best trained in the industry. We take each water damage, fire damage, mold removal  insurance claim with special attention to the details treating our customers like the are the only one we have!  Whether you need Water Damage, Mold Inspection, Mold Removal, Mold Remediation, Mold Cleaning,  Fire and Smoke Damage, Water Damage repair services in North Las Vegas, Henderson, Bolder city.
"We do it right the first time" we mean it!
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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Emergency Water Damage Restoration in San Jose, California

Dryfast provides Restoration Services in San Jose, California 24/7 .
415-861-8003 Call any time.

Serving San Jose for over a decade. In San Francisco, California we provide the following services: Water Damage Restoration, water extraction, water pumping, moisture detection, mold inspection, mold testing, mold removal, mold remediation, fire damage repairs, plumbing, electrical, demolition.

Serving San Jose and the entire Bay Area.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Recent Water and Fire Damage projects in San Francisco, California

At Dryfast we provide truly 24/7 Emergency Restoration services day or night!  We are always available! 415-861-8003

Dryfast responds to Water damage, Fire Damage, Board up, Sewer back ups, Rain, Wind and Explosion damage emergencies.

We work closely with insurance companies to make sure you get your property back to pre-loss condition in timely manner, following industry standards and city regulations.
We provide competitive rates for non insurance claims,

Im attaching few photos that I took last week from current Fire Damage projects.

Serving San Francisco,  San Jose, Oakland, San Rafael and the entire Bay Area,

Our services:
Water Damage,  Water damage repair, water damage restoration, water extraction, water pumping, moisture detection, mold inspection, mold testing, mold removal, mold remediation, fire damage, smoke removal,

#waterproofing, #waterdamagesanfrancisco, #waterextraction, #firedamage, #firedamagesanfrancisco, #moldremoval, #moldinspection, #sanfrancisco,

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Water Damage Restoration Orinda, California

Dependable Water Damage Restoration in Orinda, California.

1. Available 24/7,  /day or night/
Call : 1-800-980-8003 for immediate assistance.
2. Family owned and operated for  decade
3. Free estimates.
4. Free inspection.
5. Free moisture detection.
Specialized in insurance claims,
No job is too big or small!
We handle both insurance and non insurance water damage loses.
Licensed and insured!
California general contractors license
# 959870
Serving the entire Bay Area .
We are dedicated to customers satisfaction! 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

FREE Mold Inspection & Report in San Jose, California

Professional Mold Remova and Mold Remediation in San Jose, California.

408-861-9491 Call to schedule Free Mold Inspection in San Jose, California
All Mold Inspectiins comes with Mold Inspecriin Report ! This is only available at Dryfast.
Our Mold Inspection includes, 

1. Humidity check.
2. Interior inspection.
3. Exterior inspection.
4. Moisture detection.
5. Ventilation of the property.

We find leaks, and the cause of mold in the house.
We licensed General building contractor that specializes in Black Mold Removal.
Contact us for expert advice on how to effectively remove the Mold from your property.
We have 13 years of hands field on experience.
Serving  San Jose, California and the entire Bay Area. 

License# 959870

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Mold Inspection & Mold Removal San Francisco, California

Mold Removal in San Francisco, California.
At Dryfast we offer Free Mold Inspection & Mold Removal estimate.
415-861-8003 Please call today to schedule Free Detailed Inspection of your house for Black Mold in San Francisco.

Why you should choose us?
Here is the top 5 Reasons

1. We licensed General building contractor, (we understand how properties are built )
license# 959870.
2. We carry general liability insurance, workers compensation and environmental pollution insurance policies. (1 out of 20 carries all 3) and that's so important for you thw property owners.! Means less liability for you !
3. Been in business successfully for over 13 years.
4. We actually have physical location!  Not just virtual office. ..
5. We have the lowest prices in San Francisco.

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Water Damage and Mold Removal in San Jose, Ca

In this post we would like to say Thank you to all the San Jose, Ca, customers that have used our services and we are inviting you to try us next time when you have Restoration, Environmental or Construction project. Free estimates. Free Inspections on all services. 

Thank you

408-861-9491 this phone number is always answered day or night so we can assist you better in case of Water Damage in San Jose, Ca,

We provide the following services:
1. Water Damage.
2. Water Damage Restoration.
3. Water Damage Repair.
4. Mold Removal.
5. Mold Inspection.
6. Mold Remediation.
7. Odor removal.
8. Fire Damage Restoration.
9. Smoke removal.

We handle Water Damage Restoration and Repair projects from strat to finish in San Jose,California

We are licensed #959870

Fully insured,
13 years in business.
We work with all insurance companies in San Jose, California.
On Emergency Water Damage you pay Zero upfront with Dryfast!
Direct insurance billing is available.
Proudly serving San Jose and the entire Bay Area for a decade.

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#moldremovalsanjose, #blackmoldremovalcompanies,

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Free Water Damage and Mold Inspectionin San Jose, Ca, 408-861-9491,

Call 24/7 any day any time 408-861-9491 for immediate service,
No additional charge for weekends and after hours for any Water Damage Restoration in San Jose, California.

We are family owned and operated Water Damage and Mold Removal business for the last 13 years, Serving all of San Jose, Ca and the entire Bay Area.

5 Reasons why you should call Dryfast.
1. We are licensed license #959870.
2. We carry general liability, Environmental pollution and Worker's compensation insurance
3. We have actual facilities. (Not just virtual office)
4. In business for 13 years.
5. We have the "No money upfront terms"
and direct insurance billing so no money out of pocket.

Our services:
1. Water Damage Restoration.
2. Water Damage Repair.
3. Fire Damage Restoration.
4. Mold Inspection. 
5. Mold Removal.
6. Water Removal.
7. Odor removal.
8. Bead bugs eradication.
9. Dry rot repair.
10. Full service construction.

The rain it is over for this week and the residents of  San Jose can enjoy the sunshine over the weekend.

#waterdamage, #sanjose, #waterdamagesanjose, #waterremoval, #moldremoval, #moldinspection, #sanjosemoldinspection,

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Water damage in San Francisco, California

Hello everyone, we just went
through another storm here in San Francisco, California,
We have received Water Damage Restoration calls fromm all over the Bay Area, but mostly San Francisco and San Jose, California.
415-861-8003, 24 hours emergency response line.
Call day or night.

No additional after hours fee!

1. We have Free moisture inspection and detection service.
2. Free estimates.
3. No money up front!
4. We are handling insurance claims.
5. We bill insurance companies directly.

Our services in San Francisco and San Jose, California

1. Water damage,
2. Water damage restoration.
a) crawlspace clean up.
b) water extraction.
c) structural drying.
3. Mold removal.
4. Mold inspection.
5. Mold remediation.
6. Fire damage.
7. Smoke damage,
8. Board up.
9. Full service construction.
10. Pack out and storage.

Serving San Francisco, California and the entire Bay Area.

#waterdamage, #sanfrancisco, #waterdamagesanfrancisco, #waterdamagerestoration, #moldremoval, #waterremovalsanfrancisco, #moldinspection, #sanjose,

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Water Damage and Mold Inspection Services, San Jose, California,

Professional Water Damage services are available in San Jose, California. 

Day or night 24/7

1. No money up front.
2. Available 24/7.
3. Licensed and insured.
4. We bill insurance companies directly.
Our Water Damage Services in San Jose, California,
1. Water damage.
2. Mold Removal.
3. Fire Damage.
4. Content Restoration.
5. Mold Inspection.
5. Water Removal.
6. Mold Testing.
7. Black Mold Cleaning.
8. Board up service.
9. Sewage clean up.
10. Water extraction.
11. Water Damage Repair.

All services are available in San Jose, California.

#waterdamagesanjose, #sanjosewaterdamage, #moldremoval, #waterdamagerestorationsanjose, #sanjose, #waterdamagerepair, #dryfast,

Sunday, March 2, 2014

510-271-6780, 24/7 Water Damage Restoration in Castro Valley, California

Professional Water Damage Restoration and Mold Removal in Castro Valley,
For additional information please visit
5 real reasons why people like you choose us when they go through Water Damage Restoration and Repair in Castro Valley,
1. We respond 24/7 at no additional cost!
2. You get to speak to an actual project manager, not a calling center!
3. We work and bill insurance companies directly!
4. No money up front!
5. You work with the same project manager throughout the project!
We work hard to get you through this critical moment as quickly as possible.  And get you and your family back to normal, that's the power of Dryfast.
Available services :
> Document recovery.
> Fire Damage Restoration.
> Water Damage Restoration.
> Water Damage Repair.
> Full Service Construction.
> Mold Removal,
> Mold Inspection.
> Mold Testing.
> Landlord - Tenant Resolution Specialist
Licensed general contractor
license# 959870
Must read the following information!:
Only one in 20 companies offering the above services are actually registered and Licensed to perform them.
Serving Castro Valley and all Bay Area cities.

Got Flooded? Water Damage & Mold Removal in Marin City

Water damage can occur unexpectedly at any time of the day in Marin City or any Bay Area city,
Water Damage can happen when:
1. Water Heater malfunction.
2. Water Supply line burst.
3. Rain damage.
4. Overflowed sink, bathtub.
5. Toilet or drain backup.
At Dryfast we are available to respond to any of the above emergencies 24 / 7
For immediate assistance Marin City call:
415-861-4255 anytime!
We Licensed general contractor , License# 959870
We specialize in :
> Structural drying.
> Water Damage Restoration.
> Water Extraction.
> Water Removal.
> Sewage backup.
> Water Damage Repair.
> Insurance Claims.
We now provide Free Mold Inspection in Marin City,  California
+ Mold Inspection.
+ Mold Testing.
+ Mold Remediation
+ Mold Removal
All services are available in Marin City.
We service the entire Bay Area.
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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Water Damage San Jose, Free 24 /7 Estimates

24/7 Immediate response to Water Damage emergencies in San Jose, California. 
Call: 408-288-5189

1. Free Moisture Inspection.
2. Free estimates.
3. No money up front on all emergency work.
4. Direct insurance billing.

We Licensed General Contractor 
license # 959870

We respond day or night to Water Damage situations in San Jose .

1. Structural Drying.
2. Water Extraction.
3. Flooded houses.
4. Water removal.

No job is too big or small.

Call and schedule your free inspection.
in San Jose we dry out wet properties every day. 

1. Water damage restoration.
2. Water damage repair.
3. Water restoration.
4. Crawlspace cleanup.
5. Sewage cleanup.

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