Monday, April 13, 2015

Air Quality Air Testing /Mold Test/ Las Vegas Government Office

If you have feelings that the Indoor Air you breathe is contaminated, and is making you sick, we have solution by Testing the Air for Mold, Pollens and other. Find out today ! Serving Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson.
In Las Vegas we live with air conditioning on almost the entire year, and by not opening the windows to get some fresh air, we create what is called "Lack of Ventilation " and Mold can start growing quickly! 
Mold will first start growing by the windows,  and windows trims, drapes and blinds, then can cross contaminate clothing and furniture.
Las Vegas citizens,  get professional help and get yourhouse or office for Mold, we can find Mold in very early stage before it gets to the point to pollute the entire property.
Mold Testing takes 1hour of your time. Comes with Mold Report, detailed information on what type of Mold, / Black Mold / .
Mold inspection and Testing 7 days a week in Las Vegas,  Metro area.
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Sunday, April 12, 2015

# Water Damage Restoration Company Las Vegas

Las Vegas can never surprise, especially when comes to water damage emergencies caused by burst water supply lines,
Most water damage calls we receive are from after re-pipe,
Then year later the connections begin to burst.
In Las Vegas we all know that we have plumbing issues and some of us even went through couple of re-pipes.
It seems like the new "Pex" pipes are holding pretty well so far,  we rarely have water damage caused by Pex pipes.
Hope you do not have any water damage emergency, but in case you have,  call us Team Dryfast will handle it for you, we work with insurance companies directly,
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Thursday, April 9, 2015

This week rain water damage update

This week started busy for team Dryfast,
We responded to quite a few water damage restoration calls during and after the rain,
The largest one was a restaurant in San Francisco downtown,  the entire basement was flooded up 3 inches with standing water,  all rain water,
We have received the phone call at 5:34 am, at 6:20 am Water Damage Restoration team was on location,
Setting up water extraction pumps, and relocating water damaged items.

In 3 hours we were able to pump out all water, and set drying equipment.  Dehumidifiers and air movers,

San Francisco maybe expecting more rain this week,  no job os too big or small,

Responding to water damage emergencies on time is crucial.  Often we hear that clients called also other restoration companies, but no one answers the phone! We understand how important your phone call is, and will answer and tbe there in 1 hour or less,
Dryfast of San Francisco,
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#1 Emergency Water Damage Restoration Response in Santa Rosa, California

The rain brought in some water damage restoration calls this week, 
Dryfast of Santa Rosa responded to a flooded basement of a local restaurant,  approximately 2500 sqft of 2 to 3 inches of water over the entire basement.

The call we received was right before 6am,  40 minutes later we were at the location setting up water extraction pumps. Apparently the water leaked through the street sidewalk finding it's way into the basement through the delivery gate,

In Santa Rosa we now have 24/7 emergency response team that is prepared to handle any size Water Damage,  from small residential, to large commercial or government water damage losses.

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Friday, April 3, 2015

Flooded Apartment building in San Francisco

Team Dryfast responded to a large Water Damage loss in San Francisco,

Total of 6 apartments were affected from the burst that occurred on the 3rd floor,
John was the first on site to assess property damage and establish restoration protocol what needs to be done in each apartment, 
Water extraction,  content manipulation,  art work packaging, structural drying,  removal of wet carpet and flooring,

This Water Damage job in San Francisco should be completely dried in 3 to 4 days,
So we can eliminate chances of Mold Growth.
It is much harder to remove black mold the to prevent from happening.

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