Thursday, December 19, 2013

Water Damage Repair in Menlo Park, Californi

Quality water damage restoration and repair in Menlo Park, California
All work performed by Dryfast General Contractors.
California contractors license #959870, Nevada 0077068.
Call 1-800-980-8003 to schedule free inspection and estimate.
This fine 3 story house built in 2001 in Menlo Park was grossly contaminated after heavy rain, due to city sewer blockage causing showers, toilets and bathtubs to back up into the house creating major water-sewage damage to building materials and personal contents.
1. All affected materials -removed.
2. Non salvageable personal contents- removed bagged for disposal.
3. Building Structure Decontaminated.-industrial hygienist confirmed.
4. Structural drying.
5. Permits pulled for repair.
6. Installation of:
Insulation,  drywall, tiles in bathrooms, radiant heat systems in bathrooms,  doors, door jambs,
Baseboards, paint and carpet.
To prevent future back ups we have installed 3 back flow prevention systems.
As we can see water damage -sewage damage can cause significant building damage that  requires knowledge and experience in order to address the important steps needed to repair and decontaminate properties back to pre-loss condition.
Choose a licensed contractors for your water damaged house or business.
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Friday, December 6, 2013

Dryfast of Los Angeles announcement.

Dryfast of Los Angeles is now serving residential clients as well, available to respond to any of the following emergency services:

Full Service,
1. Water Damage.
2. Fire Damage.
3. Mold Removal.
4. Roofing.
5. Plumbing.
6. Electrical.
7. Framing.
8. Seismic retrofitting.
9. Emergency preparedness planning.
10. Document Recovery.
11. Indirect Heat Drying.
12. Crime scene decontamination.

Available 24/7

Insurance claims specialist.
On insurance claims;
1. Zero money up front to start the project.
2. Same project manager during the course of restoration.