Sunday, November 30, 2014

Rain and Flood Damage

Just wanted to share some recent water damage restoration pictures from San Francisco,
On the first picture one of our construction guys is applying texture to the wall that was previously affected by water damage, .
2nd picture we see some trailers and water damage equipped trucks, we got 2 uhaul trailers since with rain we have runned low on trucks (and we have quite a bit). Hope the rainy season is hre already in San Francisco! We need rain, a lots of rain,
On the 3rd picture we see a flooded crawlspace, (well now is all dry and back to order) the storm water caused some waterproofing problem,  that is already fixed,
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1500 Market street, San Francisco, California

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Emergency water damage restoration services San Francisco 94102

Emergency property water damage restoration is needed when unexpected pipe birst or clogged sewer line backs up into the property, causing damage to building materials, immediate assistance is recommended to minimize the damage,

Here at Dryfast of San Francisco,  we work around the clock 24/7, in fact we have 4 emergency ready trucks available at any given time of the day or night, available to travel to those in need,

Ones the phone call comes in, emergency water damage truck is dispatched within 5 minutes of the call, in most cases we are at customer's door in 45 minutes or less,

We understand the importance of immediate response when disaster strikes,

Being able to arrive on time, can prevent secondary damages, like humidity damage to artworks and cross contamination.

Dryfast - proven name in Water damage restoration in San Francisco,
General Contractor License #959870

Bringing chaos to order since 2003

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