Monday, August 18, 2014

Restoring Peace of mind by returning back to business,

Responding to a water damage phone call in San Francisco in the middle of the day, initially we have dispatched 1 technician to assist, by the time he got there the toilets were backing up continuously and unstoppable,  this office space is located underneath the shopping center.
415-861-8003 24 hour service,

Sewage water flooded the entire office space plus 2 restaurants,
Minutes later 4 emergency teams were mobilized and on their way to the water damage in downtown San Francisco.

It took a lot of hours and manpower to remove all water damaged building materials soaked in sewage.

The Water Damage affected 14 offices, hallways, and storage rooms,

drywall was replaced,  new carpet installed,  all painted, new kitchen cabinets, in 5 days! 3000 sqft of space.

Water damage can happen unexpectedly at any time in San Francisco or any city at any time,

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