Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Final Countdown prior the Storm in San Francisco!

Do you or your friends and relatives live in the Flood zone?

Let mw advice on how to protect your property from Rain Water Damage and Flood.

1. Check your gutters,  and get them cleaned.
2. Have your roof checked.
3. Get your drains cleared as well as the main sewer line.
4. Close your windows, (I know that everyone will do so, but we still getting calls for water damaged hardwood floors due to windows been left open, so this is just a reminder:)
5. Get sand bags to navigate water away
And number 6. Take down our phone number to call in case of emergency!  415-861-8003 we are open 24/7 rain or shine!

We had quite a few water damage restoration projects that were not associated with last rain,  burst fresh water supply lines,  kitchen sink left open... and washing machine malfunction. So as you can see the potential water damage sources can vary.

Take care and stay dry fellas,
The Dryfast Team!

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