Monday, February 2, 2015

3rd Shift Water Damage Restoration and Repair in San Francisco

Good evening to all, we are about to switch shifts right now in 30 minutes,  yes it is the 3rd shift.

Unlike many companies we have fully equipped lounge area with Comcast business class wifi, cable TV, library and kitchen, so our project managers can prepare fresh coffee watch some recorder football game and comfortably  wait for the next emergency water damage restoration phone call in San Francisco.

We are prepared to respond from level 1 to level 3 (that is how we categorize the size of damage, level 1 being the smallest single family homes, level 2 multi-level residential small commercial and level 3 is considered  large commercial, city main brake  and industrial properties.

We never really know what kind of water damage restoration and repair call will come in. San Francisco it is a very interesting city, some water damage  phone calls sounds very intriguing, like "we just had our sprinkler system activated " "(because i hanged my shirt on it)" or " my husband felt on the toilet and braked the water tank"  some of the phone calls are putting smiles on our faces ,when other can make us cry.

February just started, (still can not believe it) it feels like Christmas was 2 weeks ago. But yes it is time to think about our loved ones February 14th is around the corner.

Well lets see how this evening will go, we usually get 1 to 2 flood or water damage restoration calls  during the 3rd shift.

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