Tuesday, May 12, 2015

24 Hour immediate response to Water Damage in San Francisco

Immediate assistance to Water Damage in San Francisco is our specialty , 415-861-8003

We do understand the importance of your emergency  phone call in the middle of the night,   when you have flooded house and you need water extraction,  and drying equipment.

In San Francisco our response time to Water Damage is only 45 minutes!  Not to mention that it could be as fast as 20 minutes!  Yes, we are based in San Francisco and we do aways have trucks serving other customers in need, so that makes us flexible.

The most important step is to relocate Artwork and valuable paperwork and certificates,  since the secondary damages could be larger than the actual Water Damage,  High relative humidity could damage paintings, and oxidize metal.

Parallel to the artwork relocation we start with water extraction and setting up drying equipment, focusing on hard to reach areas and delicate building materials.
Serving San Francisco, Bay Area since 2001.

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