Friday, May 29, 2015

Mold Inspection and Report

Typical remediation job will involve the following phases in San Francisco.

(a) Gathering information
(b)  Initial site visit
(c)  Report of findings
(d) Perform remediation
(e) Clearance of test results
(a) Gathering information

The first contact with most mold jobs starts with a phone call where the client explains the situation at hand and requests if we can assist. A professional remediator will adopt a methodical approach to new jobs due to:
Ensuring personal safety
Duty of care
Legal requirements
Dryfast will ask the client sufficient information to provide us with a good idea of the classification, PPE required, sampling strategy, equipment required, etc.
Determine level of mold damage you have!
Level 1
Normal conditions, no mold damage. Surface samples return very low to non-detectable traces of fungi. Fungi detected indoor originates from outdoors.
Level 2
Small area of visible mold. Less than 1 square meter in area. Spot cleaning and minor mitigation required.
Level 3
Serious mold damage over a period of time. Visible mold growth clearly visible on less than 25% of all surfaces or not greater than 100 sq ft. Usually found in situations where there has been excessive moisture that has been trapped or generated indoors for an extended period of time. Building materials and contents may have sustained more than surface damage with some penetrating moisture and mold growth. Mold remediation required by trained technicians.
Level 4
Severe mold damage affecting structural integrity of building materials such as wall and ceiling linings. Visible mold growth occurs on greater than 25% or more than 10sqm of interior surfaces. Structural materials most likely have high moisture content and require specific drying. Mold remediation and structural repair by trained personnel required.

The size (how widely disseminated within the building structure) and severity (is mold visible in a small area or spread over a multitude of surfaces and items) of the mould contamination will determine if the client requires a “Mold Remediator” to treat the situation and offer general advice to mitigate further problems. Alternatively a “Mold Assessment” will be suggested which includes initial site visit, limited mold sampling and written report. Details on mold assessment are included below.
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