Monday, June 8, 2015

Flood and Water Damage San Francisco

San Francisco's premier Water Damage Restoration Company, 415-861-8003 ,
24/7 immediate assistance,

Flood Damage San Francisco, California.

Flood damage is an unfortunate situation that we all wish we could avoid, however sometimes it happens extremely quickly before you have a chance to realise what is going on!

We are experts in Flood damage

We have experience and expertise in repairing water and flood damage arising from:

Leaking or collapsed roofs, Burst water pipes – internally and externally, Sewage issues such as back flow and septic tank malfunctions, Excess stormwater run offHot water system leaks, malfunctions and backfiring, Washing machine Water overflow Sink, toilet and bathtub overflow (as well as blockage)

Dryfast are the experts in flood damage and restoration in San Francisco, Bay Area, we have been servicing families in distress for over 13 years, and have seen everything when it comes to flood damage.

You are in good hands, Hire Dryfast of San Francisco for your emergency situation.

In a flood damage situation, you need to act fast! Every moment wasted is costing you money in damage, so do not hesitate to contact us if you’re in a flood damage situation now 24/7.

Our skilled and friendly technicians work quickly to clean up flood damage to your home/office, repairing any water damage and stopping any further damage.

We provide full flood damage restoration services for any size of building – whether it be residential, commercial or industrial in nature.

Inspection – we will perform a thorough inspection and identify the contaminated areas Save/relocate undamaged possessions, Safe disposal of any non-restorable or lost materials Commence repair treatment using specialised  hot water extraction  (this is our highly advanced technology) Eliminate the growth of mold using anti-microbial solutions and other advanced mold prevention methods. Strategically set up our commercial grade blowers to restore and dry the water damaged area and aid circulation to the building, Utilising industrial dehumidifiers which ensures excess moisture from flooding is evaporated as fast as possible, stopping further damage.
Open 24/7 , Dryafast of San Francisco,  Serving the entire Bay Area since 2001.

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