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Property Restoration Information San Francisco

Water Damage Restoration Company San Francisco,  providing 24/7 emergency response 415-861-8003

Water Damage  in San Francisco can be catastrophic. Unfortunately, it's a city  where buildings are old and cause water damages. -  and of course, flooding -- commonly occur, causing water damage to millions worth of property. When such tragedies take place, specifically in the case of flooding, professional water damage restoration technicians need to step in immediately for several reasons:

Flooded structures can take weeks before drying out.The foundation of buildings can be damaged by rotting and deterioration as a result of water remaining underneath floors.Corrosion resulting from water penetration can attack electrical equipment, as well as its wiring, endangering anyone who enters the structure.The surfaces of the structure may be lined with asbestos and other dangerous contaminants left by flood waters, again a safety hazard.Paper products can deteriorate quickly and may be prone to growing molds.

Dryfast of San Francisco can  Help You

Fortunately,  Dryfast Services provides water damage restoration any hour in the day to immediately respond to your needs. In fact, upon inspecting your property, we will make every effort to bill your insurance provider so that we can begin our work of saving the most of what we can.

This is what you can expect of our restoration services for water damage:

Knowledgeable, skillful, and certified personnel will promptly attend to your needs. (Certification is provided by the IICRC - Nationally recognized authority in our industry.)An itemised report and/or a detailed quotation, covering all recommended restoration work to be done, will immediately be provided.Any standing water will be extracted as soon as possible.Any furniture, carpet, or flooring -- even the structure itself -- will be dried and restored right away to minimize water damage.If needed, deodorising and disinfecting will be applied. Electronics and equipment affected by water damage will be recorded and restored.Wet documents will be recorded, dried, and restored.A quotation for items that cannot be replaced and need to be restored (including carpets and vinyl) will be provided.Any furniture or flooring soiled by floodwater will be cleaned.

Professional  Water Damage Restoration, Not Just a Quick Fix

When a structure is hit by flooding, the most common remedy applied for the situation is simply drying any visible moisture. For instance, if a carpet is wet, windows are opened and fans or dryers are used on the carpet to dry it. Wet vacuuming may then follow to remove any dirt that floodwater may have brought in and left.
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The problem with such a remedy is that it fixes the appearance of the problem but not the problem itself: internal moisture. The carpet may appear dry but the flooring under it isn't, creating ideal conditions for mold to grow.

We don't settle for such ineffective fixes. Our trained personnel in San Francisco  will use only the best and most advanced professional tools to ensure that all moisture left from flooding is eliminated from carpets, floors, subfloors, underlays, walls, skirting, contents, and ceilings. When no moisture is left behind, no mold grow -- saving you from the terrible experience of a foul smell enveloping your structure weeks after flooding has subsided.

The professional readings we take include the following:

Sheetrock readings, concrete readings, wood floor readings, temperature readings, non-penetrating, readings grains per pound, air readings, underlayment and carpet readings

All of these readings are carefully taken to ensure that your structure and your belongings are saved from further damage and deterioration.

Would you rather hire a supposed restoration service provider that simply asks, "Is this carpet dry enough?" without carrying out real tests and paying attention to necessary details? If you wouldn't, call Dryfast Water Damage Service of San Francisco! Call.

Dryfast of San Francisco prides itself with the speedy response it can provide to meets your needs. For your water damage restoration needs, don't hesitate to call us immediately so that we can do the best job for you.

We use only the best equipment for disaster recovery.
Serving all of San Francisco Bay area.
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