Sunday, June 7, 2015

Flood emergency, same as Water Damage Restoration.

In San Francisco we do have the quickest emergency response time! proven , we respond at least an hour earlier!

When a sprinkler pipe bursts, it can cause the water to penetrate through the ceilings affecting the structure, floor coverings and contents. Immediate response is vital.

We were informed of this occurrence and arrived on site within 60 minutes. Our client had 4 levels affected; the concrete surfaces of the roof and generator room were covered in approximately 6 inches of water upon arrival. Carpet tiles throughout the levels were inundated with water. Debris from the ceiling had fallen as a result of the water ingress and affected the carpet tiles and some contents within each level.

It is important to professionally make safe, extract all excess water, relocate, protect and clean furniture, commence debris removal and install rapid drying equipment systems.

Dryfast of San Francisco,  performed the preliminary mitigation and make safe activities and kept business interruption to a minimum. Professional restoration is the best choice for any water damage situation, the best cleaning companies have strategic partnerships with restoration specialists like Excel Group since it provides the fastest and most efficient repair and recovery time, available at a moment’s notice to meet your needs in your time of need.

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